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Mallory Carra

Writer & Journalist

Writer, journalist, & copywriter based in Los Angeles with experience covering entertainment, food, lifestyle, real estate, and more. Available for assignments in LA and abroad.

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20 Favorite "Friends" Moments to Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

20 Favorite "Friends" Moments to Celebrate Its 20th...

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Here's Taylor Swift's Official Tracklist for '1989'

Here's Taylor Swift's Official Tracklist for '1989'...

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Taylor Swift's '1989' Lyrics: What Do They Mean?

Taylor Swift's '1989' Lyrics: What Do They Mean?

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Mallory Carra is a writer based in Los Angeles. Her words have appeared in the New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, the Columbia Journalism Review, ......

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Everything We Know About Grumpy Cat's Christmas Movie

Get the latest details on Grumpy Cat's leap from internet meme to live-action Lifetime movie....

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SDCC: What Better Place to Take Your First Selfie?

"The Last Ship's" Eric Dane takes his very first selfie at San Diego Comic Con. Could it be more perfect?...

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"Astronaut Wives Club": First Day on the Set

Erin Cummings is psyched for her first day on the new ABC drama....

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These Guys Sent Fast Food Into Space

The ultimate burger and fries....

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A "Gilmore Girls"/"Twin Peaks" Opening Credits Mashup

Watch Stars Hollow and Twin Peaks come together in this awesome mashup....

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Katie Holmes Is Back as Jackie Kennedy

The actress will reprise her role as the legendary First Lady in a sequel to the miniseries "The Kennedys."...

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John Oliver Isn't a Fan of Pumpkin Spice Lattes

The "Last Week Tonight" host declares, "And I will be subject to its tyranny no longer! It stops here!"...

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Listen to Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods" Preview

The "Shake It Off" singer previewed her new single on "Good Morning America."...

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Everything We Know About J.Lo's NBC Drama "Shades of Blue"

Jennifer Lopez is making the jump to NBC....

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Brooke Shields Explores Motherhood in Her New Memoir

Look for "There Was A Little Girl" on bookshelves starting on November 18....

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When Kanye West Crashes a Bachelorette Party

Kanye West shows up in the darnedest places....