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Writer, journalist, & copywriter based in Los Angeles with experience covering entertainment, food, lifestyle, real estate, and more. Available for assignments in LA and abroad.

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17 Spots for the Best Comfort Food in L.A.

17 Spots for the Best Comfort Food in L.A.

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9 Pro-Tips for Angelenos Who Love Shopping at Trader Joe’s

For all Angelenos who LOVE shopping at Trader Joe's....

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12 Totally Sick Views of Los Angeles You Can Get To Without a Big Fuss

Let's face it, sometimes you just want to enjoy a gorgeous view of Los Angeles without all trudging and hiking and plodding that it sometimes takes to reach the summit of a great mountain or remote coastal cliff. It's not that you're lazy. You're just being economical with your time....

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11 Excellent Spots For The Best Poke in Los Angeles

A quick compilation of some of the best poké shops in Los Angeles (in no particular order) you should totally check out to satisfy your craving for fresh fish....

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11 Moments That Prove Los Angeles Has Become Your True Home

The reality is the journey from transplant to true Angeleno is one of experiences....

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21 Fun Things To Do for Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles (2016)

Whether you're attached to a sweetheart or single and ready to mingle, Los Angeles has a whole bunch of Valentine's-themed activities that'll have you either falling in love all over again or opening your heart to someone new....

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16 L.A. Spots You Gotta Try If You LOVE Breakfast

Looking for restaurants with the best breakfast in Los Angeles? You've come to the right list....

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20 Terrific Things to do for Easter in Los Angeles (2016)

Looking for things to do for the Easter holiday in the city of angels? We have plenty of fun ideas for you!...

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10 Tiny Frustrations Angelenos Put Up With on a Regular Basis

Even if really, really like Los Angeles as a whole, there are certain aspects that can just get to you sometimes....

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16 Best Places to Eat on Melrose Ave

From the Larchmont area to Hancock Park to West Hollywood, we searched for the best places to eat along Melrose Ave and listed it out all to help you explore, eat, and enjoy....

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14 Best Places to Eat in L.A. if You Can’t Stop Thinking About Bacon

Love bacon? There are plenty of great spots and unique dishes to tantalize your taste buds in Los Angeles that'll be right up your alley....

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16 Spots for The Best Pizza in Los Angeles

If you're looking for a new pizza spot or just want to try a place you've never been to before, check out our handy list of the best in L.A....

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13 Expectations Transplants Have About L.A. That are Actually False

L.A. isn't all beaches, sunshine and Luke Perry (no matter what your television-inspired imagination may tell you)....

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12 Rookie Mistakes People Make When Renting Their First L.A. Apartment

On the lookout to rent your first place in Los Angeles? Make sure you apartment-hunt like a pro, and don't end up making one of these 12 rookie mistakes....

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12 Spring & Summer Food Events Every Angeleno Needs to Have on Their Radar

What's better than enjoying an amazing meal while soaking up the sunshine? Doing so while being completely surrounded by delicious food vendors, of course!...